Watford May 2018 Meeting

How to get in an Estate Agent’s ‘Little Black Book’ – Sally Cope

As Property Investors most of us talk and work with Estate Agents at some time. Unfortunately, a lot of Agents are not held in high esteem.  This means you don’t get them working for you, which means that you don’t get the best deals from them. Do you know what you want from an Agent?  Do you know what an Agent wants from you? 

Sally Cope shows  how to get deals from Estate Agents and to get them to work for you by calling you first! Drawing on her 10 years of experience as an Estate Agent, she explains their training, role and how to get the outcome you both want.

In this seminar you will learn:
•    How to build a working relationship with an Estate Agent
•    How to be the first person on the call list
•    How to negotiate a deal through an Agent

By the end of the evening you will know how to get into the Agents' ‘Little Black Book’, leading to obtaining deals from agents.

ALSO… Property Management: The Invisible Hierarchy – Ivo & Miro Gospodinov

At this month's pin meeting, Ivo & Miro during their presentation will reveal an underlying issue that hinders a number of property owners from wanting to short let their property.

You’ve heard all the horror stories. From 19 year old DJs trashing properties to the fraudulent bookings that cost you more than its worth. But what about the landlords that don’t even make it that far? Ivo and Miro has detected a huge stigma that deters building owners when it comes to short lets. His experience in the sector has led to a truly effective business model which combats this very restriction.

In 2009 the two brothers moved to the UK and quickly realised that it was not that easy to find work. They found themselves living out of their car for a short while before taking it upon themselves to better their situation. In just a few years they managed to secure 150+ properties and continues to rapidly grow.

In this seminar you will learn:

  • The benefits of short letting
  • What are platforms and how they effect your business
  • Conflict management
  • Operations and upscaling
  • How to become attractive to building owners

Watford May 2018 Meeting


Thursday 10th May 2018


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


The Mercure
A41 Watford Bypass
WD25 8JH


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