Swindon June 2017 Meeting

Expert Answers to your Top Rent to Rent Questions – Jacquie Edwards 

Whether you are fairly new to property investing or a seasoned veteran there are always a few burning questions you will have.  This is especially true with the Rent to Rent strategy as it is new and still evolving.  
At this month's pin meeting Jacquie & Anthony will share with you the answers to the top questions they are asked by people getting started with Rent to Rent and those who already have a few properties under their belt but are looking to take their businesses to the next level.  This information is normally shared with Jacquie & Anthony’s private mentoring and coaching clients AND at this event they will share with you the knowledge they gained when building their Rent to Rent business from nothing to over £250k gross rental income!
For instance, in this meeting you will learn the answers to the following questions and many more:
  • How do you find the landlords that want to give you their property for years at a time?  
  • Isn’t subletting illegal?
  • Who pays for the maintenance?
  • How do you know if it’s a good deal or not?
Make sure you book your place at this month's pin meeting and don’t miss out on the answers and tips that could take your property business to the next level!

ALSO…. Get Yourself Funds Ready for Your Next BIG Deal – John Kerr


Would you like to know how lenders assess you when you apply for a mortgage? Are you at the stage where lenders need to understand the strength of your property business and not just how to fund your next Buy to Let lending application? Would you like to use the equity in your portfolio to fund deals without having to drawdown a single pound? And would it help if your business had agreed access to all the funds you need for your next deal? 

From this talk by John Kerr you will understand the importance of getting funding “pre-approved”. Whether you are starting out in property or have several properties this presentation will give you unique insights into:
  • The basics of credit scoring and reporting, an essential component that all new property investors should know; 
  • How to repair an impaired credit record;
  • How to become a safe pair of hands for private investors’ funds;
  • The Top Secret 42 point criteria that lenders typically use to score experienced BTL investors’ applications that you will never see elsewhere! WARNING – you will not be allowed to take screen photos as this information is so commercially sensitive.
  • How to set up your property investment and development business and be “pre-qualified” to fund bigger deals.
Our 12 tips on the best ways to get a good credit score
  • Have you had a regular (continuous) address for more than 1 year?
  • Have you been working consistently in the same job for more than 3-6months and can prove it? 
  • Are you on the Electoral Register to vote in the UK? 
  • Does your address match the Electoral Register exactly and is it up to date? 
  • Have you had a bank account open in the UK for more than one year? 
  • Do you have credit cards and use them?
  • Are you paying off your debts and charging less to your credit cards? 
  • Do you repay your Credit Cards on time? 
  • Do you repay your household bills on time? 
  • Get a store card.
  • Get a bank loan that you can pay off in installments. 
  • Don’t close off old credit card accounts! If you close your oldest accounts, it can shorten the length of your reported credit history and make you seem less creditworthy. Keep them open and use them.



Swindon June 2017 Meeting


Wednesday 21st June 2017


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


Hilton Swindon
Lydiard Fields


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