Stoke on Trent May 2017 Meeting

How I got 20 Properties in 20 months for Nothing and how YOU can too! – Jim Haliburton

They say that recession brings opportunities and this is currently certainly true for the adventurous investor who wants to acquire property.There are property owners who are desperate to get rid of what they see as their liability(ies) and will gladly hand you the keys to their property(s) and responsibility for the mortgage maintenance etc.  and often for absolutely nothing.
How do you find such property owners?
Jim will tell you how he has done it – no theory- no blueprint that may have worked in another country – no high price courses – books or manuals – no mumbo jumbo.  Just the simple truth of what works how he has done it and is doing it today. Jim Haliburton (also known as HMO Daddy) now has over 100 HMO’s (shared houses) over 30 single lets and for the last 12 months has been given, sometimes without even asking, and without trying, properties at the rate of about 1 a month.  Imagine what he could be doing if he tried!  He feels he has enough properties plus 3 young children to look after, and his passion is teaching others about property.
The seminar will tell you:
  • How to easily find properties to let for nothing
  • What type of properties to get
  • How to turn properties into gold mines
  • How to save massively on lawyer’s fees
  • How to legally keep deposits
  • How to get the ex owner to pay for the repairs to the property etc.
  • The word never to use

ALSO…. Insiders secrets to making your property business more profitable – Peter Lazell & Andrew Roberts

Would you like to make your property business more profitable without breaking a sweat?

Property Investor Reward Club is a unique property club for all property investors. Offering unique services to investors and utilising the power of the community to deliver you benefits.

Find out how you can get access to

  • 15 genuine off market properties per day through the portal.
  • Contracts with national vendors to supply exclusive preferential rates for their goods and services
  • Cash back on every property related purchase you make.
  • Exclusive Energy buying group which negotiates the best deal based on the collective usage of all members

Peter and  Andrew will walk you through case studies showing how members have

  • Saved thousands of pounds not just on refurbishments and maintenance but on running their property business.
  • How to reclaim over paid Stamp Duty
  • How to share in mortgage procuration fees and get the best deal
  • No money down finance for Furniture, White Goods, Kitchens, Bathrooms
  • And much much more on the night

These tips will help you get your property business

  • Making you more profits saving you thousands on your purchases
  • Put extra cash in your pocket
  • Show you how to get exclusive access to off market properties

Stoke on trent May 2017 Meeting


Wednesday 3rd May 2017


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


North Stafford Hotel
Station Road


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Important Info:

Free Car Parking available at the rear of the hotel – Access by the right-hand side of the hotel


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