Stoke May 2018 Meeting

Property Wealth Dynamics – Utilising Wealth Dynamics in property to generate better results,leverage time and happiness – Philip Hunnable 

Property Wealth Dynamics – Combining the wealth and talent dynamics tools developed by Roger Hamilton with Simon Zutshi mastermind  learnings  and successful property  investors to show how Wealth dynamics can be used to help you get into flow, improve your success in property, have more time, money and satisfaction.

Philip Hunnable is a MM15 and platinum graduate and has been investing in property since 1994 and hosts Black Country pin is fully accredited wealth dynamics flow consultant and coaches the property mastermind programme on this and has built a successful property business using joint ventures, companies and multiple strategies.

ALSO…. Champagne Interiors for Lemonade Prices – Use other people's money to buy furniture and fittings for your properties – Andrew Southwood 

We all know the basics of mortgage finance for our properties. It’s good debt which increases our return on investment by using OPM (Other People’s Money). 

But what about the other assets within our property businesses. Most of those depreciate so we pay cash for them. 

At this month's pin meeting, Andrew will show you how you use other people’s money to finance others assets such as furniture and fittings, which will preserve your cash and enable you to pay for the asset out of property income.

Andrew's presentation will consider:

  • What assets can be funded
  • How this finance can be structured
  • The benefits for property investors
  • A case study

John Paul Getty once said “If I want an asset that appreciates, I buy it. If I want an asset that depreciates, I lease it”

Stoke May 2018 Meeting


Thursday 10th May 2018


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


Holiday Inn Stoke on Trent
M6, Jct. 15. Clayton Road
Newcastle Under Lyme


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Important Info:

Parking Eye in operation at this hotel. Ensure that you register you Car Number Plate at Reception to avoid getting a ticket


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