Saj Hussain (aka the property joint venture expert) has built a £1.9m property portfolio with over £500K of equity in less than 2 years by using none of his own money.

He left university about 20 years having done 12 months of work experience. The work experience made him realise he was going to be unemployable and so started his own IT company. Overtime this grew into a multi-million pound business with over 20 employees. But after 15 years of running that business and due to a series of bad decisions that business was put in bad shape and subsequently put into administration.

About four and a half years ago after being financially wiped out he needed to find a way of getting back on his feet and to start providing again for his family. He realised many of the wealthier people he knew had either made money from property or kept money on property. This got him curious about property investing and was at a time when the property market was booming. But for the following two and half years he struggled to make any kind of success in property. He faced huge challenges like not having any money, not having any experience, not been able to raise any mortgage finance and this was made worse by the property crash in 2008.

In 2010 he made the decision to find somebody who had achieved the things that he wanted to achieve and get them to guide him through the process. This is how he ended up on Simon Zutshi’s Mastermind programme. He got educated in the strategies that work in this market place, took lots of action, failed at many things but stayed persistent. This worked out really well for him because he went on become nominated as the overall winner of the programme he was on.

As someone that is always keen to give back and help other achieve, in April 2012 he has launched Simon Zutshi’s Property Investor Network meeting in Coventry.

Come and join Saj and the team on the 1st Thursday of each month (except August & December)