Reading February 2018 Meeting 

Strategy on a Page: Property Special – Deri Llewellyn-Davies 

In a career spanning two decades, Deri’s business expertise has included roles on elite corporate boards from four billion dollar companies up to European executive board level. And having run 20 of his own small businesses, advising over 250 and speaking to thousands he brings his audiences deep insights with both a global and local perspective. 

To succeed in today’s business structure we must adapt, grow and be willing to let go of the old-world thinking which prevents sustainability and scalability. The millennial-driven workforce, which now dominates the marketplace, demands an innovative, accountable and values-driven agenda, which means we must say goodbye to the strategic status quo. 

Deri's key objectives during his presentation are to: 

  • Provide you with a new strategic tool for the new business world, to execute immediately.
  • Identify the main failure points in business and create a plan to avoid them.
  • Ensure everyone in the company is aligned with the plan, which is actionable and trackable NOW.
  • Define what strategy is and what it isn’t – blowing some myths apart. 
  • Define the very core of the business purpose and aligning strategy to that.
  • Discover why not adhering to company VALUES is a sackable offence. Values are more than fluffy words on a WALL. 
  • Why most small and medium sized businesses fail and how they can predict future events, tailored to the property industry.
  • How to bring strategy alive, cascade it throughout your teams and make it flexible for the new world of business growth.

This is a talk not to be missed!

ALSO…. Champagne Interiors for Lemonade Prices – Use other people's money to buy furniture and fittings for your properties – Andrew Southwood 

We all know the basics of mortgage finance for our properties. It’s good debt which increases our return on investment by using OPM (Other People’s Money). 

But what about the other assets within our property businesses. Most of those depreciate so we pay cash for them. 

This presentation will show you how you use other people’s money to finance others assets such as furniture and fittings, which will preserve your cash and enable you to pay for the asset out of property income.

The presentation will consider:

  • What assets can be funded
  • How this finance can be structured
  • The benefits for property investors
  • A case study

John Paul Getty once said “If I want an asset that appreciates, I buy it. If I want an asset that depreciates, I lease it”

Reading February 2018 Meeting


Tuesday 6th February 2018


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


Holiday Inn Reading South M4, Jct. 11
500 Basingstoke Road


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