Plymouth February 2018 Meeting 

Property Disasters – Tom Dylan & Chris Jenkins

Chris and Tom have 15 years of experience in property, and between them they’ve made more mistakes than Macaulay Culkin since he starred in Home Alone.

Against everyone’s better judgement, they’ll be coming along to this month's pin meeting to talk to you about what they’ve learned along the way. You can then avoid some of their mistakes, make more money than them and make them jealous.

They have also recently been doing some multi-unit deals, and a serviced apartment, so if you’re very good they might tell you a bit about those too!

ALSO…. Financial Freedom Faster – Escaping the 9-5 by subdividing real estate – Paula Brooks 

Want to get to financial freedom faster by creating at least 3 x more cash flow from your properties?  

I achieved financial freedom in just three years by investing into shared housing for young professionals. I will be talking about my own property niche and introducing you to other creative niches that investors I’ve been visiting all over the world are adopting to create more cash flow from their properties. I have been collecting their inspiring stories to share their ideas and insights with you.

Whether you are just starting out or already have houses that you would like to get more cashflow from, you will learn:

•    Why understanding who you serve is so important
•    How to create the right environment for them
•    How you can follow your passion and live life on your terms
•    International principles that will work anywhere to increase your cashflow

By the end of this talk you will be inspired to explore all opportunities to increase your cashflow, you’ll never look at a property in the same way.


Plymouth February 2018 Meeting


Tuesday 13th February 2018


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


Elfordleigh Hotel
Plymouth, Devon


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