Norwich May 2017 Meeting

Creating great deals by working with others – Dan Newbould

Dan Newbould has been investing for 8 years and has built a successful HMO portfolio. He received national recognition in 2015 at the Property Investor Awards where he was awarded Deal of the Year. 
He believes that each and every project he’ s done has brought its own challenges. He is a big believer in educating himself as to what is possible within the property industry but the true skill and challenge is taking that theory and making it into a reality!  
Dan is planning to share with us how he has increased the scale and volume of the deals he does by working successfully with other people. 
Dan has promised to share as many tips and as much experience as he can within the 55 minutes so make sure you bring a pen.

ALSO … Property Crowd Funding – The future of property finance? – Mike Holt

Whether you’re an investor looking for a return on your capital or a borrower looking to use other people’s money to generate wealth in property, crowdfunding is the future for borrows and investors alike.

The flexibility that crowdfunding brings to borrowers is unrivalled when compared with the bank.

For investors who have been searching for a viable savings vehicle since the credit crunch, crowd funding has arrived.

Mike Holt of John Charles Property Investments is an expert in this field having followed the rapid rise in this industry. He will be explaining an exciting new way of generating income and growing your property business using crowdfunding.

John Charles Property Investments is a substantial investor in crowdfunding and believes a knowledge of this industry is essential to your success.

This is a talk you do not want to miss.

Norwhich May 2017 Meeting


Thursday 4th May 2017


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


Dunston Hall
Ipswich Road
NR14 8PQ


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