Milton Keynes April 2017 Meeting

How to make the leap from a small refurbishment project to a big one – Andrew Featherstone

All property investors love to see a real life example of a refurbishment project – why the property was selected as being suitable, what the potential was, what the problems were, how the project was funded and an analysis of the figures.

Andrew Featherstone will talk through one specific example of a refurbishment project and show how the layout was changed to add value to the property, using a low risk, low capital strategy that he has used many times to build his portfolio.

He will then go on to explain how these principles can be used to make the leap into much larger scale refurbishment projects, sometimes using Joint Venture structures.

Andrew is very experienced and creative in spotting the potential that others might miss in a property and then exploiting it to ‘add value’.


ALSO … Portfolio Protection – Optimised Insurance & Hidden Gems – Right Plan

Matthew Carpenter will teach you about some of the industries best kept secrets. These could save you up to 49% on life insurance by simply taking advantage of HMRC-endorsed options that are rarely spoken about.

In our presentation “Optimised Insurance & Hidden Gems” we'll also be demonstrating how specific insurance policies and trusts will benefit you and your family, by minimising inheritance tax (IHT) and maximising your legacy.

With only 6% of all life policies being written into trust, the mere absence of this document has heavily contributed to the £4.75 billion paid in IHT during 2015/16.

  We feel that this is to the detriment of many families and this needn't be your story, especially when we offer our advisory service free to pin members.

Covered In the presentation will be:

  •     The benefits of company owned policies over personal plans.
  •     The Importance of writing policies into trusts.
  •       How to maximise your insurance.

Milton Keynes April 2017 Meeting


Tuesday 18th April 2017


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


Holiday Inn
London Road
Newport Pagnell
Milton Keynes
MK16 0JA


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