Luton June 2017 Meeting

Julian Maurice – Building Refurbishment Bootcamp

Julian's trademark is innovative powerpoint presentations delivered in an entertaining format and this new talk follows that formula. 
Taking quotes from D-Day Military generals Eisenhower, Montgomery and Patten, Julian shows how planning, intelligence gathering, good communication and leadership are all skills and qualities needed to successfully take on and succeed when it comes to dealing with building refurbishment projects. 
The talk features live training exercises where the audience will quickly learn how to assess a project by taking detailed site notes, they will then learn how to turn those notes into instructions for contractors. The talk also covers due-dilligence and shares useful tips on how to find and retain quality contractors.

ALSO …. How to use Wealth Dynamics to make you wealthy – Penny Sophocleous

Maybe you’ve just launched your property strategy or it’s now well advanced, and suddenly you find you’re not enjoying it, you’re doubting yourself and losing confidence, so you stop taking action? 

Discover amazing revelations about yourself, what your talents and strengths make you most suited to pursue in the broad spectrum of property investing and what will, in the way of least resistance, bring you quickly and easily to success.
The Wealth Dynamics profile is the first rung of the ladder of the Wealth Spectrum, a model which outlines a pathway to success, but one which is characterised by flow and ease.  
This talk is an introduction to this new dynamic for achieving goals within the property field.
What you will learn:
  • Your personal profile gives you innate talents and strengths that ensure in the business environment you thrive if you do certain things, but struggle if you do the wrong things.
  • How to identify what puts you into ‘flow’ i.e. gives you energy, ease and high performance
  • How enjoying yourself and other clues point the way to what aspects of property investment or business, suits you and what to focus on
  • What profile to look for in other people when considering joint ventures, partners or teams
  • How to gain a big vision of your future.

Luton June 2017 Meeting


Tuesday 27th June 2017


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


Hampton by Hilton
42-50 Kimpton Rd


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