Liverpool February 2018 Meeting 

Homebuilding and Renovation From £2K to £4M in 3.5 years – Yvonne Emery

After building a portfolio of 27 HMO’s in 3.5 years, Yvonne and her husband wanted to find something bigger to renovate.

Highfields was a derelict, fire damaged Victorian Mansion on a 2 acre plot that had been left to rot for 10 years.  They saw its potential and renovated the property and now they have built 5 houses on the remaining acre of land.

When they started they had just £2k in the bank. They arranged an exchange and delayed completion and nearly didn’t have the money to complete!.

During this presentation, Yvonne, will share the secrets to

  • How she raised £150,000 in 24 hours without using crowd funding
  • Taking a bold step in property
  • How to borrow £1m
  • Turning investing into a business and
  • How to make sure you are investing the right way for you.

Be prepared for a whirlwind tour of how you can grow your portfolio exponentially and turn your investing into a business opportunity!

ALSO.. How to source Rent 2 Rent and Purchase Lease Options deals – Jonathan Ioannu


Jonathan has been within the property sector since he left university in 2011.  He started his career in a local estate agency, he then moved to a junior building surveyor role and finally ended up at a portfolio building company. Whilst working there, he predominately sourced property deals but also played a part in the project management from scheduling to snagging.  Since working there he has sourced more than 200 deals some of which are large commercial to residential conversions.  In 2017, Jonathan joined the mastermind programme and went from 16 rooms to 92 in that year alone, 61 of those rooms where purchased, 49 of those were purchased with Joint Venture partners.

Jonathan’s talk is a step-by-step guide on how to source direct to vendor leads using two simple strategies aimed specifically at the Rent 2 Rent and Purchase Lease Options strategies.  His talk also shows some case studies of deals he has found using the same system.

 During Jonathan's talk you will learn:

  • How to assess Purchase Lease Options and Rent 2 Rent deals
  • How to source off market Purchase Lease Option deals
  • How to source off market Rent 2 Rent deals
  • Tips on how to save money when acquiring Purchase Lease Options & Rent 2 Rent deals


Liverpool February 2018 Meeting


Thursday 22nd February 2018


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


The Liner Hotel
Lord Nelson Street
L3 5QB


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Direction Info:

Next to lime street train station


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