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A Strategy Anyone Could Do – The Winner of Mastermind 13 Shows You How – Dave Morris

Dave Morris is the overall winner of Mastermind 13 and he wants to share with you the simple strategy that he followed that allowed him to beat the targets of the Mastermind Programme.

He will relate the programme to his experience of climbing and attempting to climb some of the world’s most famous mountains.

There have been successes and failures, massive challenges and moments of euphoria and Dave will share all with you. Sometimes an emotional journey, Dave opened his heart on the final day of Mastermind 13 and he will do the same with you.

Expect Dave to challenge you to find the reason WHY you really want to make this work and to feel the depth of his own reason WHY.

Dave focusses on the reason WHY and the mindset that allowed him to overcome a number of personal obstacles throughout the year as well as giving clear and concise explanations of precisely what he did. He is able to do this because the strategy was very straightforward.

ALSO…Bigger investments, smaller risks – Jo Rodgers

There is a myth that you, as a business owner or someone engaging in a project requiring investment, are only a success if you are a big risk-taker, ready to gamble everything on ultimate success.

My experience is that you will probably be more optimistic and more energised than the general population and you may even take higher risks. But you still want those risks to be sensible because if the business fails or hits a rocky period it is not just your livelihood that is at stake.

Ultimately, unless you have raised investment before, there is likely to be a lot you probably do not know about how it works.

This talk looks at some of the the key questions on investment, such as:

What key issues to be aware about – before reaching out to investors? This will allow you to avoid key mistakes that people often make.

How do you maintain control of your business or a major investment- at least in the beginning stages? This will protect you from shareholders that may not have your best interests at heart.

What is it that you need in order to properly put it all in writing? This should allow you to understand the specifics of that investment so that you get clear and binding agreements and documents.    


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