Hull April 2018 Meeting 

Commercial Conversions – Find deals costing less than a house & make 10x the profits of a standard flip – Dominic Woodward


Dominic started investing in property in just 2011 and has gone on to build a substantial £2 million + Buy to Let portfolio from scratch before the age of 30. Despite his young age he founded and runs an established estate agency and a construction company. He now specialises in commercial to residential deals in West & North Yorkshire and will share with you the secrets and bust the myths surrounding this strategy.

You will learn:

  • how to find commercial conversion deals
  • how to work out estimated conversion costs
  • how to fund a deal for maximum profit

ALSO….. Mindset for Success – A mental approach to achieving wealth – Stuart Doughty


Being successful and creating wealth isn’t only about developing expertise and knowing what to do. It’s also about how you think and what you believe is possible that inspires you to take action. Developing the right thinking process is critical to achieving extraordinary results and reaching your goals.

Unless we learn how to manage our mind and think positively,we end up with self-limiting beliefs that stop us from reaching the levels of success we aspire to. But when you understand how to change the way you think, then anything becomes possible.

At this month's pin meeting, Stuart Doughty will take you inside your mind and show you why the way you think affects the results you get in your business and your life. And he’ll show you how to change your thinking to get the results you really want.

In his talk you will learn: 

  • How your thinking shapes your life 
  • What’s in the ‘Knowing-Doing Gap’ that holds you back
  • Why you should set goals you believe are beyond you
  • How to approach risk and overcome fear
  • A way forward to achieve your biggest goals 

Even in this short time, you will go away with a new awareness of the way your mind works that helps you realise why you can build a successful business and inspires you to believe in your dreams.

Hull April 2018 Meeting


Thursday 12th April 2018


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


Britannia Royal Hotel
170 Ferensway
East Yorkshire


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