Harrogate November 2017 Meeting

From No to LetsGo – how I overcame objections and negative situations – Cristeun Gartman 

Everyone’s idea of success is different including Cristeun's. He proved that if you can follow in someone else’s footsteps with pure guts, determination and the right education there are very few reasons why success cannot be achieved.

In order to excel at anything, you must have a can do attitude, stand out from the crowd and not be afraid to turn a No to LetsGo!!

At this month's pin meeting you will find out how a near broke almost Aussie battler went from 0 – 24 (and counting) deals in under 12 months replacing both his own and his wife’s income.

Cristeun will talk about:

•    Why he brought his family of five to the UK, and the battle to get them here.
•    His success in other people’s businesses and how he used that energy in his own property business.
•    How to pick a strategy that suits your end goals, and how he used a cashflow strategy known as Rent to Rent to secure their future.
•    The best systems for your strategy and how to delegate the tasks.
•    How to negotiate a No to Lets Go!!
•    Why he cannot take all the credit himself for hsi success.
•    His new direction and goals for the future.
•    Take Action now not tomorrow.

Cristeun will end his talk with how he won Simon Zutshi's Mastermind Programme and how it has helped transform his life!

ALSO….. More effective networking – Get better results for your time – Dave Holloway

Going to networking meetings is something that many of us do, but who really thinks about exactly why they are going, or what they are looking to achieve?

During Dave's presentation, he will share with you his top tips for:

  • Setting your intention
  • Interacting in a positive way
  • Preparing your service providers pitch

Dave will also give you his Five Step Networking Process, a clear guide to effective networking that will get you better results for your time.

Harrogate November 2017 Meeting


Wednesday 1st November 2017


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


Cedar Court Hotel
Park Parade, off Knaresborough Road


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