Exeter October 2016 Meeting

The School of Hard Knocks!  Lessons learned at the coal face – Richard Kerrison

All Property Investor's know that to find great property deals you need to get your message out there, but most importantly you need to be personable (after all this is a people business!).
Richard will take us on a journey through how a deal was sourced from a Motivated Seller and brought to a conclusion as a Major Investor.

During this presentation you will learn;During this presentation you will learn;

+ Why telling Everyone what you do is so important.
+ How to build relationships that yield massive results.
+ How to get Creative.
+ How to get the best from your Estate Agents.
+ How we could be working together.

By the end of the Presentation you will see that it is possible to achieve massive results, have fun, make friends and create absolute win/win situations by being creative, pro-active…but above all Focused. Book here now!

ALSO…. The UK Electronic Signature revolution – What you need to know… – Nick Elston

There is a wind of change in the Property & Lettings arena surrounding how documents and contracts are completed and signed.
Electronic Signatures are a legally binding and secure way of doing this – saving time and money whilst increasing client engagement.
Nick Elston, Sales Director of Signable, who are leading the way in the UK market – will give a presentation on Electronic Signatures in the Property & Lettings industry and how they can be implemented in to your workflows.

Exeter October 2016 Meeting


Thursday 27th October 2016


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


Buckerell Lodge Hotel
Topsham Road


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