Edinburgh March 2017 Meeting


Nick Watchorn & Paul HilliardThe Only Way to Save Money and Time for Landlords – save £1000s on your refurbs and repairs


The Landlords National Property Group (“LNPG”) is the UK’s largest discount cooperative for landlords.

LNPG use the collective buying power of their members to obtain huge discounts from national suppliers so that you are able to save time and money when you carry out refurbishments.

 Huge savings can be made on landlord essentials such as Insurance, Boilers, Kitchens, Tiles, Showers, Radiators, Bathroom suites, Electrical Cabling, Appliances and Furniture Packs. Compare our prices and you will note there are great benefits to enjoy by becoming a member.

Whether you are a newbie novice or experienced investor, LNPG would like to ask:-

How many Investors bring their Refurbishment Project in on Time and in Budget?

This is the question we are asking at Property Events all over the UK. Surprisingly very few achieve this target yet it is so fundamental to your Success in Property!

How much Money, Time and Effort do You waste on your Refurbs?  

Why waste time chasing from supplier to supplier to save a £1 here and a £1 there, wasting ££££'s in petrol and your time.  LNPG prices are there for the year so you can budget your projects and your buildings insurance with confidence.

LNPG will show You can now save Money, Save Time and Save Effort on your Refurb Projects and Nick and Paul will explain in detail how LNPG can help you to achieve these Savings.


ALSO… Building Property Assets – an Alternative Way to Finance – Estrelita van Rensburg

As kids, our parents taught us the following formula for success:  Go to school, study hard, get good grades so that you can get a secure, high-paying job with benefits – and your job will take care of you.  But that was the thinking of a previous era – in this day and age, your job is not going to take care of you, neither is the government or anyone else – the rules have changed in the 21st Century.

How traditionally do you find money to finance your property projects?  Save? Family money?  Borrow?   This model offers income (which you can save) and which can then be used to finance your property portfolio thereby accelerating your ability to create assets or do flips.

“In this business model, you do not have to create your business, because that has already been done for you. But you do have to build your business!” Robert Kiyosaki, The Business of the 21st Century.

Estrelita will be talking about an idea, which can be easily developed, and which will provide an alternative cash flow thereby enabling you to finance more property assets/flips in a faster timescale.

Edinburgh March 2017 Meeting


Thursday 16th March 2017


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


The Capital Hotel
Clermiston Road
EH12 6UG


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