Edinburgh February 2018 Meeting 

Get Yourself “Funds Ready” for Your Next Deal – John Kerr

Would you like to know how lenders assess you when you apply for a mortgage? Are you at the stage where lenders need to understand the strength of your property business and not just how to fund your next Buy to Let lending application? And would it help if your business had agreed access to all the funds you need for your next deal?

From this talk by John Kerr you will understand the importance of getting funding “pre-approved”. Whether you are starting out in property or have several properties this presentation will give you unique insights into:

  • The basics of credit scoring and reporting, an essential component that all new property investors should know;
  • How to repair an impaired credit record;
  • How to become a safe pair of hands for private investors’ funds;
  • A few of the secret 42 point criteria that lenders typically use to score experienced BTL investors’ – applications that you will never see elsewhere! 
  • How to set up your property investment and development business and get “pre-qualified” to fund bigger deals.
  • How to develop your mind-set, overcome the barriers to success that many individual face and motivate you to bring your dreams to a reality.
  • Understand that you can achieve much more by thinking bigger, working within a larger vision framework and scaling up your Power Team.

Our top tips on the best ways to get a good credit score

  1. Have you had a regular (continuous) address for more than 1 year?
  2. Have you been in the same job for more than 3-6 months and can prove it? 
  3. Are you on the Electoral Register to vote in the UK? 
  4. Does your address match the Electoral Register exactly and is it up to date? 
  5. Have you had a bank account open in the UK for more than one year? 
  6. Do you have credit cards and use them?
  7. Are you paying off your debts and charging less to your credit cards? 
  8. Do you repay your Credit Cards on time? 
  9. Do you repay your household bills on time? 
  10. Get a store card.
  11. Get a bank loan that you can pay off in instalments. 
  12. Don’t close off old credit card accounts! If you close your oldest accounts, it can shorten the length of your reported credit history and make you seem less creditworthy. Keep them open and use them.

ALSO… Understanding the Serviced Accommodation Markets – John Kerr

Imagine multiplying your profits many fold from your Buy to Let portfolio. And imagine doing all this from hundreds of miles away, delegating all of the work to your housekeeper and handyman! 
Serving the main serviced accommodation market segments, you could automate your self-catering accommodation, saving you time and making you more profit.
Schedule a chat with John to discuss the possibilities at: https://www.yourpartnerinproperty.co.uk/appointment-booking/ 

In this inspiring and practical talk, John will show you how the Serviced Accommodation markets can be profitable and simplified, for example:
•    There is no need to protect or, in some cases, take security deposits
•    Agreements can be simple and often unnecessary
•    Moving in and out checks are unnecessary
•    Instead of tenants with tortuous legal procedures, the self catering market is relatively unregulated
•    You'll have no viewings whatsoever.
John will give an overview on all aspects of making money from the expanding and diversifying Serviced Accommodation markets. He will detail the wide variety of profitable customer types all looking to stay in your self-catered accommodation!

Edinburgh February 2018 Meeting


Thursday 15th February 2018


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


The Capital Hotel
Clermiston Road
EH12 6UG


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