Croydon October 2016 Meeting


Working with Builders & Tradesmen – Martin Rapley

Many property investors have said that things would be easy if it wasn't for builders and yet it will be very difficult to succeed with property investment without working with builders.

Martin is not a builder, but a Project Manager and that means that he works with builders, in fact he's been doing it for nearly 30 years and in his talk he will pass on some of this experience.

During this talk you will learn:
 – How small builders generally run their business
 – How you can help builders be more effective
 – Why things go wrong

By the end of the evening you will view builders and tradesmen in a different way and hopefully have more success working with them.

ALSO… Rooms, Rents and Rigsbys – The Changing Face of Shared Accomodation in the UK – Matt Hutchinson

Shared accommodation has been round for as long as anyone can remember but, until fairly recently, has been seen as the lower end of the rentals market. As the UK’s economic climate has changed, and as shared accommodation has moved online, the ways people share (and the people who share) have changed with it.

We’ll look at shared accommodation in 2012 and investigate what part it plays in the ongoing rental landscape of the UK.

Topics covered include:

•    Who lives in shared accommodation?
•    Why?
•    How the internet has changed sharing
•    Why everybody is a landlord and why (sometimes) that’s not a good thing
•    Renting by the room vs whole properties – neither is right but one is more right for you
•    Should we still expect to own the homes we live in?

The talk will focus on data local to the event and look at how shared accommodation plays a vital (and ever changing) part in how we live. It will also give you a better sense of whether you should be renting your properties by the room.

Croydon October 2016 Meeting


Wednesday 19th October 2016


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


Jurys Inn Croydon Hotel
Wellesley Road


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