Coventry June 2017 Meeting

Creating an HMO Portfolio – “aka rinse and repeat with lots of lessons along the way” – Diane Greenwood 

Investing in HMOs is not for the faint hearted, however the right property, managed in the right way can generate massive cashflow, without compromising on quality or attracting the wrong tenant. 
In our meeting this month, business owner and property investor Diane Greenwood will be sharing how she has created her own HMO portfolio and will be giving masses of top tips on what works and what doesn't, plus how to manage HMOs effectively and efficiently for maximum returns.

ALSO…. Naked Networking! … the power of referrals from pin meetings – Richard Kerrison 

All property investor's know that to find great property deals you need to get your message out there, but most importantly you need to be personable (after all this is a people business!)

Richard will take us on a journey from leaving our cave and venturing to a meeting to NETWORK…meeting strangers and having to talk to them! Speaking in public, and who make better networkers? Shy people, outgoing people, brash people or creative people…mmm interesting!
During this presentation you will learn:
+ Why telling everyone what you do is so important.
+ How to build meaningful and lasting business relationships.
+ What is a referral.
+ How do you find referrals.
+ How to work a room.
By the end of the presentation you will see that it is possible to network whereever you are. The importance of telling everyone what you do but most importantly how to become an active listener, finding out what the people you network with want…remember givers gain!

Coventry june 2017 Meeting


Tuesday 13th June 2017


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


Village Coventry
Dolomite Avenue, Coventry Business Park


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