Clapham May 2017 Meeting

Funding and re-financing HMO properties – Howard Bowes

The funding and refinancing of HMO properties has become a hot topic with the rapid growth of investors developing their HMO portfolios. Howard Bowes, Managing Director of Harvey Bowes Limited, specialist HMO and development finance brokers, shares his expertise in how to fund and refinance HMO's.

Howard delivers the key differences between multi-let and HMO in the eyes of the lenders and shows how to both maximise the leverage where possible and also how to refinance within 6 months of purchase when required.

The presentation also covers the key differences that facilitate a property being valued a business based on its income instead of the pure bricks and mortar value

ALSO…. Insiders secrets to making your property business more profitable – Peter Lazell & Andrew Roberts

Would you like to make your property business more profitable without breaking a sweat?

Property Investor Reward Club is a unique property club for all property investors. Offering unique services to investors and utilising the power of the community to deliver you benefits.

Find out how you can get access to

  • 15 genuine off market properties per day through the portal.
  • Contracts with national vendors to supply exclusive preferential rates for their goods and services
  • Cash back on every property related purchase you make.
  • Exclusive Energy buying group which negotiates the best deal based on the collective usage of all members

Peter and Andrew will walk you through case studies showing how members have

  • Saved thousands of pounds not just on refurbishments and maintenance but on running their property business.
  • How to reclaim over paid Stamp Duty
  • How to share in mortgage procuration fees and get the best deal
  • No money down finance for Furniture, White Goods, Kitchens, Bathrooms
  • And much much more on the night

These tips will help you get your property business

  • Making you more profits saving you thousands on your purchases
  • Put extra cash in your pocket
  • Show you how to get exclusive access to off market properties

Clapham May 2017 Meeting


Tuesday 2nd May 2017


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


Del Aziz 55-57
The Pavement, Old Town


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