Canary Wharf April 2017 Meeting

Learn to Control Property with very Little Money in a Variety of Ways!  My Journey in Property. – Trevor Cutmore

Trevor Cutmore is a family man with a wealth of knowledge in different strategies of buying and controlling property.  He is a National Lease Option Trainer, Speaker, Mentor and philanthropist.  His business partners include, Solicitor and Chartered Accountant.

He started the typical way buying property and making a bit of a mess with regret in 2007 like many others.  Having 5 properties not performing well and going into negative equity he had to find another way.  Hear his story and how property education made a massive difference and he achieved financial freedom from property.   He has invested a lot of time and money in developing his own knowledge in property and has a strong drive to help others to to avoid mistakes and buy property the RIGHT way.

We are in an economic time where vendors cannot move on because of the dramatic slow down in capital growth.  Trevor has bought and controlled properties using a variety of different strategies using; Lease Options, JV Vendor Finance, Assisted Sales and Let to Let. By not knowing how they work can potentially lose you thousands of pounds of profit.  Getting an Deal on a property allows you to take control of a property with very little outlay or risk, you get the Right to buy but not the Obligation in many cases.  All these strategies are win, win for both sides.  Imagine being able to buy at the full market price, how many deals could you do?   However it is very much about being ethical and developing trust with the vendor that a deal can be stuck to benefit both parties.  Understanding how to build that trust in a short time is crucial to achieve a deal.

Canary Wharf April 2017 Meeting


Thursday 6th April 2017


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


De Vere Conference Suite
No. 1 Westferry Circus
E14 4HD


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