Blackfriars April 2018 Meeting 

From the Basement to the Penthouse in the Skyscraper Investment Model – Fredrik Sandvall

Fredrik Sandvall is a property investor and serial entrepreneur with a broad international business experience. He hopes to inspire you to see what is doable, then it is all up to you. He is developing, investing, and mentoring others to success in property including facilitating the Mastermind Local Program in London.

The goal with Fredrik's presentation is to explain the Skyscraper Investment Model highlights and provides examples of how to monetise and manage your cash flow in different phases of your property career. He will also outline the the fundamentals of how you can make money in many different stages and levels of the property market from the Basement level of  negative cash flow to abundance at the Penthouse level and the levels in between. 

Key learning points: 

•    Speed of money and the value of velocity 
•    The Skyscraper Investment Model
•    Fundamental corner stones of investing
•    Reflect on how you can develop further and the next steps

Regardless of which strategy you may wish to focus on, there is value for you in Fredrik's presentation and you will no doubt also pick up even more ideas on how you can increase your personal cash flow! 

It is going to be a great talk so book your place now!

ALSO…Find out why adding value to property attracts investors and JV partners – Dick Dabner


Find out how to unlock the hidden value and re-think your approach to existing buildings, making more money for you and your investor partners – Peter and Dick Dabner

This presentation is aimed at gaining as much value as possible from your present properties or future acquisitions.  You can find out how to unlock the hidden value and how to re-think your approach to existing buildings, making more money for you and for your JV partners.

By following six basic steps you could potentially release or gain substantial equity and income.



Blackfriars April 2018 Meeting


Tuesday 24th April 2018


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


Crowne Plaza
19 New Bridge Street


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