Black Country October 2016 Meeting


Commercial to Residential – Jim Haliburton

Having undergone these conversions multiple times you will be able to ask Jim about how you too can buy an office building and create an £80,000 per annum cash flow in the next 6 months.
This includes plenty of advice and ideas to help you to:

  • Choose the perfect property
  • How to crunch the figures to know if a deal really is a deal
  • Identify and apply for the best finance options
  • How to complete the renovation and maximise the space available
  • Understand the minefield of permitted development and planning

5 Reasons Why You Need to be There

  1. Shutters come down on one of these opportunities in 2016, so need to act NOW
  2. Property is usually cheaper per square foot than existing residential
  3. Less competition to purchase from other investors so better deals
  4. Plenty of suitable properties available, which landlords can be desperate to offload
  5. Sidestep smaller HMOs with a MEGA HMO and go straight to high profit!

Jim will show you examples of real properties that have been converted recently and give you the results. You will leave armed with the knowledge you need to get started on your first commercial to residential conversion project!


ALSO… Subhajit Sengupta

Mr Subhajit Sengupta (AKA Subhs), Mastermind Graduate will be showing us “How it is being a professional HMO landlord” He will talk about the challenges he regularly faces so you can learn from him. Subhs will be answering any questions from you the audience, so make sure that you come armed with any questions about being a HMO landlord!

Black Country October 2016 Meeting


Wednesday 26th October 2016


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


Dudley Suite
The Quality Hotel
West Midlands


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