Basingstoke July 2017 Meeting

Raising Investment from Private Individuals – Frazer MacDonald

Fraser Macdonald is a property investor with 20 years experience. He was one of the founding partners of Prosperity Capital Partners in 2013. Prosperity build blocks of student accommodation. Prosperity have built and are currently building over 1,000 student rooms. Fraser's role at Prosperity is Investor Relations Director. His main responsibility is to raise investor loans to complete the debt required to acquire and build the student developments and to keep investors updated on the progress of these developments. In the last three years Fraser has raised £8.5M from investors. In this presentation Fraser will share the legal structure of how to raise private investor finance and the psychology of how to deal with investors who typically invest £100,000+ in a Prosperity deal. 
Key Learning Points:
1) The psychology of dealing with Investors:
  • Standard vs Unregulated Investing
  • What is a good return?
  • Investor attitude to Risk
  • Types of Investor (emotional)
  • Following Up
  • AIDA – converting a prospect into an Investor
2) Legal framework for dealing with investors:
  • Collective Investments
  • Types of investor (technical)
  • What is a professional client?
  • PS13/3
  • Statutes & Compliance
  • FCA & AR (Appointed Representative status)
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
  • Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA)

ALSO … Portfolio Protection – Optimised Insurance & Hidden Gems – Right Plan

Matthew Carpenter will teach you about some of the industries best kept secrets. These could save you up to 49% on life insurance by simply taking advantage of HMRC-endorsed options that are rarely spoken about.

In our presentation “Optimised Insurance & Hidden Gems” we'll also be demonstrating how specific insurance policies and trusts will benefit you and your family, by minimising inheritance tax (IHT) and maximising your legacy.

With only 6% of all life policies being written into trust, the mere absence of this document has heavily contributed to the £4.75 billion paid in IHT during 2015/16.

  We feel that this is to the detriment of many families and this needn't be your story, especially when we offer our advisory service free to pin members.

Covered In the presentation will be:

  •  The benefits of company owned policies over personal plans.
  •  The Importance of writing policies into trusts.
  •  How to maximise your insurance.

Basingstoke July 2017 Meeting


Wednesday 26th July 2017


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


The Hampshire Court Hotel
Centre Drive, Great Binfield Road
Chineham, Basingstoke
RG24 8FY


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