Southampton October 2016 Meeting

Building A Successful Property Business – Andy Phillips

Join Andy Phillips at this month’s pin meeting and discover how to treat your property business, like a business. Success can be built into any business structure. All you need is the right mindset, tools and training to reach the top.
Andy became a property investor in 2001 and has worked with many property businesses, engaging with lots of successful property business owners. Also because of Andy's work in pin Academy, he has had the opportunity to interview hundreds of property experts, successful masterminders, business entrepreneurs and top investors. Each has a unique view on how they achieved success. Andy will be sharing some key learning’s from speaking and working with these highly successful people.
Andy's Business is as a digital and business marketing consultant who runs the digital marketing agency Digital Cascade. This means he works with many property businesses on a professional. He will be sharing how he has helped them find and engage with lucrative audiences and build their businesses using smart business practice and the latest essential tools and technologies.
The mix of focused mindset, systemisation and powerful technology creates long lasting successful businesses. So grab a pen and paper and point your property business in the right direction and make your own blueprint for success.


ALSO… Building greatinvestor relationships to create a £4m portfolio in 2 years – Bronwen & John Vearncombe

If you have none of your own money, or have run out already, you need to work with others and find a win win opportunity to continue to build your portfolio and achieve your goals.

John and Bronwen were top5 winners of Mastermind 15, and raised over £600,000 of investor funds in their first 11 months.  They have since gone on to double their portfolio value using joint ventures and investor loans.

In this 25 minute talk, they will share their top tips for building relationships and finding deals to fit investors’ requirements.  Never sell a deal – always find a way to satisfy an investors need – and keep them investing with you into the future.

Southampton October 2016 Meeting


Tuesday 4th October 2016


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


Chilworth Manor Hotel
SO16 7PT


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