Norwich June 2016 Meeting

Eliminate financial risk in property – 5 steps to property success – Jonathan Stein

Whilst climbing the corporate ladder from 1998 – 2013 Jonathan became interested in property as an investment and alternative income stream. Having spent a few years following and building an understanding of the Buy to Let market, Jonathan eventually dipped his toe in the water in 2004, with his first BTL purchase. He has not looked back since.

After building a cashflowing Buy to Let portfolio Jonathan jumped out of the corporate rat race to concentrate on property full time. Whilst nurturing his portfolio Jonathan embarked on a journey incorporating numerous different property strategies including property development, auction trading, title splitting and also buying illegally converted property.

Jonathan’s primary focus is “adding value” to everything he does and it was this focus that led him to launching one of the lastest internet startups VABOO. Vaboo is a Rewards and Incentives portal for the Private Rental Sector enabling Landlords and Letting Agents to grow their business and provide a better service to their customers. During his presentation Jonathan will share his story and tell you how you can benefit from by adding value to everything you do!


ALSO…The Property Circus – Ian Jackson

Property Ringmaster Ian Jackson is an expert in the property game.  Buying and selling over 350 properties (and still counting …) in his time.  Buying at Below Market Value (BMV), Trading, Flipping and Refurbishing properties, to now his main attraction, Taming The Beast!  

With a current portfolio of over 130 properties spread over the whole of the UK, his main circus tents are situated in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Manchester.  
As with any circus it has a variety of performers:

  • “The Acrobats” offering flying high cash performances.
  • “The Strong Men” performing huge feats, “sweating the assets” by placing the right people in the right properties!
  • “Tight Rope Walkers”, an after effect of the Financial Crisis.
  • “Clowns” people or property, Ian had met them or had them, it can make you laugh and cry!
  • “Taming The Beast”: his toughest challenge to date.

So roll up, roll up and be ready to be entertained by Ian Jackson, The Property Ringmaster, for an entertaining 25 min presentation at this month’s pin Meeting.

Norwich June 2016 Meeting


Thursday 2nd June 2016


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


Dunston Hall
Ipswich Road
NR14 8PQ


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