Leeds September 2016 Meeting


The Proven System To Build A Property Portfolio Without Using Your Own Cash or Credit – Rick Otton

Right now in the UK, it’s a profitable time to build wealth by investing in property AS IF you have limited cash or do not have the ability to acquire new bank loans.

Whether you’re new to property or a seasoned investor, Rick Otton will show you how:

    To recognize the current market cycles in the UK and use them to your advantage to create cash and cash flow
    It’s possible to make on average £20,000 per transaction with little of your own money invested
    To help sellers achieve piece of mind and their selling price
    To help buyers realize their dream of home ownership
    Talk easily using time tested questions and phrases
    To profit from an Assistant seller transaction, as he breaks it down, step by step for you to see details and ask questions

If you’re currently doing Rent-to-Rent, HMOs, Refurbishments or Buy To Lets, don’t miss this opportunity to find out how you can add these strategies to your existing tool kit.

Since 1991, Rick Otton, a self-made millionaire, property investor and educator, has been investing in property using innovative strategies without the need for traditional bank-style loans. He is director of We Buy Houses business that operates in Australia and the UK.

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ALSO…. How to save tax and raise money- David Randles

There are 2 aspects to this talk:

1. I will share various ways in which tax can be saved including:

Whether or not to invest using a limited company
Using a property management company
How to save tax by splitting income between family members
Claiming capital allowances in a HMO
Making sure you claim all you are entitled to
How to save VAT

2. How you and your accountant can help you raise money:

How to present your accounts to get the best results from lenders
Making sure you have the information ready
Working with brokers and lenders

Leeds September 2016 Meeting


Wednesday 28th September 2016


6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting


Crowne Plaza Hotel LS1 4DL
Wellington Street


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